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Staff - 3rd phase of research

Maria Hahnekamp, M.A.

Main fields of research:

Anthropology of organizations, industrial work/labor, conceptions of mobility, Corporate Governance/Corporate Social Responsibility, Science and Technology studies • Research area: West Africa (francophone countries) .

Maria Hahnekamp investigates the contents of D9 from a theoretical perspective. She is focusing on conceptions of mobility in social science which could be applied to study the relationship between market institutions, state administration, and the local communities
of sedentary and nomadic groups. The notions of mobility developed in D9 should be used further to detect analytical intersections between the different interdisciplinary research projects of the SFB. Her PhD project deals with the mobility of ideas and procedures through artifacts and people in an industrial area in Guinea. It is entitled ‘City, State, and Facility. On the negotiation of risks and by-products in an industrial area in Guinea’.

Since 02/2009 research assistant, Collaborative Research Centre 'Difference and Integration' SFB 586 (D9), University of Halle, Germany • 01-06/2008 PhD start-up grant Graduate School ‘Asia and Africa in World Reference Systems’ Halle, Germany • Magistra Artium Social Anthropology, MA-thesis: Ca marche quand même – Organizing in diverging discourses of legitimacy in the industrial mines of Debele, Guinea • 2006 Scholarship for MA-research by the German Academic Exchange Service • 2003-2007 Research assistant (B.A.) for the chairs Intercultural Sociology, Africa, and the SFB 586 (D9), Department for Social Anthropology Halle, Germany• Research assistant (B.A.) ethnographic fieldwork on ‘Simultaneity of Migrant Incorporation’,  Max-Planck-Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle, Germany  • 2002-2007 MA Social Anthropology and Sociology, University of Halle, Germany.