How do nomadic peoples live today?

Audio - Broadcast on the Research Centre

Deutschlandfunk, 31.07.2008

Four staff members of the Collaborative Research Centre respond to questions on aspects of nomadic modes of life and their current transformations. The radio reportage features experts in Geography, Islamic Studies and Modelling. It addresses the following issues:

  • The transformation and  substitution of mobile pastoralism in Morocco
  • External ascriptions and self-identification of nomads in Tibet, Kazakhstan and Jordan
  • The collapse of the nomadic socio-economy in the 20th century and elements of cultural persistence
  • Tribal belonging and statehood – conflicts and negotiations
  • Economic and spatial interaction of nomads and sedentary people
  • Efforts of re-nomadisation in Mongolia
  • Climate change and ecological system analysis

Deutschlandfunk, „Aus Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften“, 31.07.2008
Author: Christian Forberg
Interviews: Ingo Breuer, Karin Frank, Kurt Franz, Jürgen Paul
Duration: 8:08 min
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