Guest lecturer:
Dr. Valerij P. Nikonorov


Guest lecturer in Halle in the framework of project D3

Dr. Nikonorov is Senior Research at the Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IIMK RAN) in St. Petersburg, where he works since 1984. He disposes of a field experience of many years in the archaeology of Central Asia (in particular in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan). He is specialized in the history and archaeology of the military in the Hellenistic and Parthian time. In 1987, he has been awarded a PhD by his doctoral dissertation on the subject "Vooruzhenie i voennoe delo v Parfii [Armament and Military in Parthia]".

He supports project D3 with regard to the subjects "Central Asian nomads and their impact on the culture of the Parthian empire" and "The military archaeology of Bactria" on the basis of recent archaeological findings.

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Contact: Prof. Dr. Markus Mode ·