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Prof. Dr. Günther Schlee

Günther Schlee is director of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology and head of the department "Integration and Conflict". Until 1999 he was Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Bielefeld, having studied anthropology, Romance languages and general linguistics in Hamburg. He received his doctorate degree for research on the belief and social systems of the Rendille, an ethnic group in northern Kenya. Alongside widespread fieldwork trips to Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan, he was also guest lecturer in Padang (Sumatra) and at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales in Paris. Typical of the research of Günther Schlee is the "interethnic" procedure and the combining of historical, sociological and philological methods.

Selected Publications:

Redrawing the map of the Horn: the politics of difference. In: Africa 73 (3) (2003), 343-368.

Régularités dans le chaos. Traits récurrents dans l'organisation politico-religieuse et militaire des Somali. In: L'Homme 161, 1 (2002), 17-49.

with Karaba Sahado: Rendille proverbs in their social and legal context. Köln 2002.

with Diallo, Y. (ed.): L'ethnicité peule dans des contextes nouveaux. Paris 2000.

Nomades et l'Etat au nord du Kenya. In: A. Bourgeot (ed.): Horizons nomades en Afrique sahélienne. Paris, 219-239.

Ritual topography and ecological use. The Gabbra of the Kenyan/Ethiopian borderlands. In: Parkin, D./ Croll, E. (ed.): Bush base: forest farm. London/ New York 1992, 110-128.

Traditional Pastoralists - Land Use Strategies. In: Republic of Kenya, Ministry of Livestock Development: Range Management Handbook of Kenya Vol. II, 1 (1991), 130-164.

Identities on the move: clanship and pastoralism in northern Kenya. Manchester, New York 1989 (Reprint: Nairobi, Hamburg, Münster 1994).

Nomaden und Staat. Das Beispiel Nordkenia. In: Sociologus 34, 2 (1984), 140-161.

Das Glaubens- und Sozialsystem der Rendille. Kamelnomaden Nordkenias. Berlin 1979.

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