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Staff - 3rd phase of research

Dr. Joachim Otto Habeck

Joachim Otto Habeck studied in Berlin and received his PhD degree from the University of Cambridge (UK). Since 2003 he works as coordinator of the Siberian Studies Centre at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Currently his main research interest is on concepts of culture and cultural work in a Siberian city (Novosibirsk). In recent years Habeck investigated environmental perception and mobility of reindeer herders and other vocational groups in the north of Russia (Republic of Komi). Several publications came out from this research, which was conducted within the framework of the international projects TUNDRA and SPICE (funded by the European Commission). The practice and image of reindeer husbandry in this part of Russia are analysed in his monograph (2005).

Selected Publications:

2005. What it means to be a herdsman: the practice and image of reindeer husbandry among the Komi of Northern Russia. Münster [etc.]: LIT. xxiv, 271 pp.

2006. "Experience, movement and mobility: Komi reindeer herders' perception of the environment". Nomadic Peoples, New Series 10 (2): 123-141.

with Timo Pauli Karjalainen 2004. "When 'the Environment' comes to visit: local environmental knowledge in the Far North of Russia. Environmental Values, 13 (2): 167-186.

with Peter Kuhry [Piter Kuri] and Vasilii Ponomarev (Hgg.) 2005. Ustoichivoe razvitie Pechorskogo regiona v izmeniaiushchikhsia usloviiakh prirody i obshchestva [Sustainable development of the Pechora Region under changing environmental and societal conditions]. Syktyvkar: Institut biologii Komi nauchnogo tsentra Ural'skogo otdeleniia Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk. 74 pp.

with Tony R. Walker, Timo P. Karjalainen, Tarmo Virtanen, Nadia Solovieva, Viv Jones, Peter Kuhry, Vasily I. Ponomarev, Kari Mikkola, Ari Nikula, Elena Patova, Peter D. Crittenden, Scott D. Young und Tim Ingold 2006. "Perceived and measured levels of environmental pollution: interdisciplinary research in the subarctic lowlands of northeast European Russia". Ambio, 35 (5): 220-228.