Project Group A: Frontiers and Transitions, Project A5

Economical Symbiosis and Cultural Separation: Service Nomads in Rural and Urban Context

Case Studies on Istanbul and the Northern Black Sea Area


Both of these projects deal with the relationship between small nomadic families or bands and majority societies. The large range of possible relationships are only described on an economic level, when the term "service nomadism" is used. The common terms used for such nomads ("Zigeuner" in Germany, "Cingene" in Turkey, "Dom" or "Turkman" in Syria, etc.) implicate further stereotyping that is countered by self-stylising, as can been seen in the seldom-studied autonyms, for example.

The research find its impetus in the contradiction between economic complimentarity and cultural estrangement. This ranges from clothing to forms of travel/communication and the calendar of festivities. Degree and form of cultural dissidence are likely different in rural and urban areas. Based on this assumption, Udo Mischek will study these relationships in greater Istanbul while Elena Marushiakova takes on the more rural areas of the Dobrudscha, Bessarabia and the Crimean. Similar paths are taken in terms of methodology: participant observation, biography, network analysis and visual anthropology.


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