Guest lecturer:
Prof. Dr. Mikhail Rodionov

October / November 2002

Guest lecturer in Halle in the framework of project A6

Prof. Dr. Mikhail Rodionov is Head of the Department of South- and South-West Asia at the Peter-the-Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, St. Petersburg. His publications comprise Ethnography of Western Hadramawt: The General and the Local in an Ethnic Culture, in: Vostochnaya Literatura, Moscow 1994 (Russian); The Blue Bead on a Copper Palm: The Five Senses in the Arab Culture, in: Lenizdat, Leningrad 1988 (Russian); Chief, Judge, and Poet in Hadramawt: Sacred roles in a worldly play, in: Engaging the World: 7th biennial Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropology, Copenhagen 2002; The Female Poetry of Arabia, in: M. Albedil et al. (eds.), Astarta: Culturological Researches of Antiquity and Middle Ages, St. Petersburg 1999; Zamil: Call-song of South Arabian tribes, in: Change and Transition – Parameter des Wandels: 19th Congress of the Union Européene des Arabisants et Islamisants, Halle 1998; Tribes within a Stratified Society: Hadramawt, in: The Politics of Anthropology – Conditions for Thought and Practice: 5th biennial EASA Conference, Frankfurt am Main 1998.

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