Guest lecturer:
Dr. Rachko Popov


Guest lecturer in Leipzig in the framework of project A5

Dr. Rachko Popov is a Senior Research Associate and Director of the Ethnographic Institute and Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He is author of the monograh Svetci-bliznaci v balgarskija naroden kalendar [Twins-Saints in the Bulgarian Folk Kalendar], Sofia 1991 and of the books: Peperuda u German [Butterfly and German], Sofia 1989; Kratak praznichen naroden kalendar [Coincise Folk Holidays Calendar], Sofia 1993 and Svetci i demoni na Balkanite [ The Saints and Demons on the Balkans], Sofia 2002. He is co-author of the encyclopaedic dictionary Balgarska mitologija [Bulgarian Mythology], Sofia, 1994.

Contact: Dr. Elena Marushiakova ·