Paradigms for a Nomadic Mode of Living: Tenets and perils of coexistence


Ort: Leucorea, Collegienstr. 62, 06886 Wittenberg, Audi-Max
Zeit: 30. November bis 02. Dezember 2007

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30. November 2007
Leucorea, Collegienstr. 62, 06886 Wittenberg, Audi-Max

The Politics of Resources:
Strategies of Access and Exploitation

14.00 Uhr

Opening and Chair:
Jörg Gertel (Leipzig)

14.10 Uhr

Leif Manger (Bergen)
Livestock, Land and Weapons: Understanding Resource-Based Conflicts between Agro-Pastoral Groups in Western Sudan

14.50 Uhr

Fred Zaal (Amsterdam)
Co-Management Conflicts: Institutional Conflict over Key Wetland and Forest Resources in a Pastoral Community, Kenya

15.30 Uhr

Melvyn C. Goldstein (Cleveland)
Changing Patterns of Resource Use and Pastoral Management in Western Tibet over the Past Half Century: A Case Study of the Nomads of Phala

16.10 Uhr


16.25 Uhr

Sören Stark (Halle)
Resource Exploitation and Settlement Dynamics in High Mountain Areas: The Case of Medieval Ustrushana, Northern Tajikistan

17.05 Uhr

Wolfgang Holzwarth (Halle)
Central Asian Sheep and Russian Railways: Expanding Eurasian Lamb-Skin and Meat Markets in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

17.45 Uhr

Ingo Breuer, Andreas Gruschke (Leipzig)
Pastoral Resources in Morocco and Tibet: Local Livelihoods in Global Contexts

18.25 Uhr


18.30 Uhr

Ecological Perspectives:
Benno Pilardeaux (Berlin)
Climate Change and New Security Risks in Drylands

19.30 Uhr



01. Dezember 2007
Leucorea, Collegienstr. 62, 06886 Wittenberg, Audi-Max

Imposed Rules, Administered Interests:
Intersections between the Two Spheres

Kurt Franz (Halle)

8.30 Uhr

Françoise Métral (Lyon)
The Contrôle bédouin in Mandatory Syria

9.10 Uhr

Brit Kärger (Leipzig)
Imposition of Political Interests, Trials of Control: Numhâ and Yamūt-ba’al under the Influence of the Mariote, Assyrian and Other Local Kingdoms

9.50 Uhr

Thomas Brüggemann (Halle)
Nomads under Control? Settlement Policy and Nomadic Response in the Byzantine Empire

10.30 Uhr


10.45 Uhr

Kurt Franz (Halle)
Ambiguities of Arbitration between Autonomous Tribes and Suzerain State: The Ayyubid and Mamluk Experience

11.25 Uhr

Sebastian Maisel (Allendale, Mich.)
Who is Right? Legal Transformations within the Saudi Arabian Tribal Community

12.05 Uhr

Svetlana Jacquesson (Halle)
Nomad–State Relations in the Tian Shan Mountain Region and the Kyrgyz Population, Late 19th to 20th century

13.00 Uhr


Shared Space, Divided Territories:
The Appropriation and Organization of Spaces

Stefan R. Hauser (Halle)

14.30 Uhr

Ian Straughn (Providence, R.I.)
Contingent Spatialities and Imperial Immaturities: Landscape Practices of the Umayyad Dynasty in Greater Syria

15.10 Uhr

David Durand-Guédy (Paris/Tehran)
Where Did the Saljuqs Live? The Example of Sultan Mas‘ūd b. Muḥammad (1134–1152)

15.50 Uhr

Andreea Bretan (Leipzig)
Constructed Spaces, Contested Meanings: The Syrian Steppe, the Bedouins and the Development Discourse

16.30 Uhr


16.45 Uhr

Guma Kunda Komey Kola (Halle/Khartoum)
Autochthonous Land Claims and Counter-Claims in the Relations of the Sedentary Nuba and the Nomadic Baqqara of the Nuba Mountains, Sudan

17.25 Uhr

Kyrill Istomin, Joachim Otto Habeck (Halle)
Spatial Cognition and Orientation among Noymadic and Settled Groups in the Tundras of Northern Russia

18.05 Uhr

Beate Pongratz-Leisten (Princeton)
Mental Maps

19.30 Uhr



02. Dezember 2007
Leucorea, Collegienstr. 62, 06886 Wittenberg, Audi-Max

Mental Representations:
Myths, Discourse, Encounters

Stefan Leder (Halle)

8.30 Uhr

Beate Eschment (Halle)
Neither Barbarians nor Noble Savages: The Russian View on the Kazakhs of the Empire

9.10 Uhr

Thomas Barfield (Boston)
Contrasting the State-Building Capacity of Nomads in the Near East and Inner Asia: Hierarchical versus Egalitarian Tribal Ideologies in Establishing Political Leadership and Dynastic Rule

9.50 Uhr

Alexander Diener (Malibu)
Hybridity in the Mongolian Steppe: Modernization, Nationalization and the Changing Role of Nomadic Tradition

10.30 Uhr


10.40 Uhr

Ute Pietruschka (Halle)
Gog and Magog: Reflections of Nomadic Incursions in the Syriac Literature

11.25 Uhr

Sarga Moussa (Lyon)
Le mythe des Bédouins à l’aube du XIXe siècle: L'exemple de Dom Rafaël de Monachis

12.05 Uhr

Alexander Weiß (Leipzig), Stefan Leder (Beirut/Halle)
Myths of Nomads and their Use: Two Cases in Trans-Cultural Perspective

13.00 Uhr