Project Completion

The activities of the Centre have been completed on 30 June 2012.


Reading Corner


The in-depth look at research
of the Centre.

For thousands of years

nomads and sedentary people have lived beside and with each other in many parts of the world. Exchange and conflict, distinction and alignment between them have helped shaping the development of many civilizations: economically, politically and culturally. more ...

The present transformations

have changed the nomadic ways of living: nomadic pastoralists now use technology such as mobile phones that have opened up new sources of income. Even after sedentarization they sustain identities of nomadic coinage. more ...

Forms, impact and interpretations

of the interaction between nomads and sedentary people are now being focussed upon for the first time by a research centre. It embraces collaborators in the fields of historical and archaeological studies as well as social sciences. Together they show how the integration and differentiation of these forms of life were once interlocked, how they persist to this day and yield new forms of mobility. more ...