Researcher Project A5



Universität Leipzig
Sonderforschungsbereich 586

Hainstraße 11
D-04109 Leipzig


Staff - 1st / 2nd phase of research

Dr. Elena Marushiakova

Studied at St.-Kliment-Ochridski-University, Sofia, Department of History • 1980–1983 Ph.D grant in ethnology at Jan-Amos-Komensky-University, Bratislava • 1984–1986 ethnological research assistant at the Slowakian academy of sciences • In 1986 presented the Ph.D. thesis "Present ethno-cultural processes among some gypsy-groups in Slovakia" at Jan-Amos-University • 1986–1999 Research assistant – later senior research assistant in ethnology at the Bulgarian academy of sciences • Since July 2001 member of the Collective research centre "Difference and Integration" in Leipzig.

Selected Publications:

with V. Popov: Ethnic Identities and Economic Strategies of Gypsies in the Countries of the Former USSR. In: Mitteilungen des SFB "Differenz und Integration" 4/1 (2003), 289–310.

with V. Popov: Vom Nomadismus zur Seßhaftigkeit – wie die Zigeuner der südlichen Dobrudscha ihre Geschichte überliefern. In: Mitteilungen des SFB "Differenz und Integration" 2 (2002), 75–88.

with V. Popov: Zigeuner – Auf beiden Seiten der Grenze. In: Materialien des SFB "Differenz und Integration" 1 (2002), 33–44.

mit V. Popov: Gypsies in the Ottoman Empire. Hatfield 2001.

et al.: Identity Formation among Minorities in the Balkans: The Cases of Roms, Egyptians and Ashkali in Kosovo. Sofia 2001.

with V. Popov: Gypsies/Roma in Times Past and Present. Photo-Book. Sofia 2000.

with V. Popov (ed.): Studii Romani. Bde. I, II, III–IV, V–VI, Sofia 1994–98.

with V. Popov: Gypsies (Roma) in Bulgaria. Frankfurt am Main 1997.